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Build 1705 Release - Arcane :)

Right about now the latest build should be hitting the mirrors on sourceforge: I have seriously burned way too much of my personal time into this, but I hope the results speak for themselves. Welcome to S23 (Arcane) The UI has had a complete revamp and includes some very subtle graphical niceness lots of gradients drop shadows and custom artwork. I cannot stress how many thousands of logins this took to tweak :) The core is now 6.6.5 and includes every single LL bell and whistle. This includes a full fat multi-threading overhaul of every part of the system. 360captures, MFA and updated core components. Anaglyph Render refactored, AO refactored, Inclusion of Film Menu. System detection totally rewritten to interrogate kernel (not registry or using manifests). Days and Days removing old code and going line by line improving performance. And I seriously mean that analysing each if/else statement and function for even the most minute tweak. Finally, this is built with full optimisation and

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