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Spring Refresh - Build 1600 - Valkyrie

  So after nearly 2 solid months of merges updating and crashes and basically all of my free time we have a proper first release! Its been quite a push so allow me to present build 1600 (Valkyrie). Yes she's not perfect and no she isn't built for speed but what I do is give a fair glimpse at the beta / unreleased heart of what might be. A quick recap is in order: Build 1600 - (codename VALKYRIE) - Core based on LL 6.4.15 (kinda!) - Toolchain updated to VS2017 Viewer now uses Windows 10 SDK and all core libraries have been rebuilt to match the viewer build.  New Stuff:    llvfs system removed - new disk cache system llfilesystem in its place. ATI cards have new debug settings to force native driver calls for screenformat and fbo See DebugSettings: AtiUseNativeOGL vram detection uses windows calls to interrogate GPU and set vram. user can allocate over 1gb viewer will more freely allocate upto 2gb vram + 1gb for bound textures         New LL camera setup, with presets

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