Spring Refresh - Build 1600 - Valkyrie


So after nearly 2 solid months of merges updating and crashes and basically all of my free time we have a proper first release! Its been quite a push so allow me to present build 1600 (Valkyrie).

Yes she's not perfect and no she isn't built for speed but what I do is give a fair glimpse at the beta / unreleased heart of what might be.

A quick recap is in order:

Build 1600 - (codename VALKYRIE) - Core based on LL 6.4.15 (kinda!) - Toolchain updated to VS2017

Viewer now uses Windows 10 SDK and all core libraries have been rebuilt to match the viewer build.

 New Stuff:    llvfs system removed - new disk cache system llfilesystem in its place.

ATI cards have new debug settings to force native driver calls for screenformat and fbo

See DebugSettings: AtiUseNativeOGL

vram detection uses windows calls to interrogate GPU and set vram. user can allocate over 1gb

viewer will more freely allocate upto 2gb vram + 1gb for bound textures

        New LL camera setup, with presets and fine controls. Animesh and Imposter code updated.

Overhaul to all core files mesh,render pipeline and UI components

Skinning enabled and Midnight Skin included.

Joystick code updated to direct input allow more controllers to be used.

Login and messaging system overhauled to latest standards 

Other Stuff:  Anaglyph refactored to function in new pipeline

   Legacy profiles refactored to work also.

   S23 Openjpeg re-compiled and tweaked for this build.

   This Viewer will be the first in a new series for 2021 and beyond!

Please bear in mind this is always a work in progress for everyday use please consider the official viewer some of the code is unreleased not even in beta channels and I stress this is a hybrid build of many such experiments.

Anyway go easy on me taking a little breather before the next round :)

Much Love,


  1. I loved using the viewer with OpenSim back in the day, it still seems to want to work, but crashes while loading world: 2021-06-22T17:32:25Z ERROR # newview/llvlmanager.cpp(71) LLVLManager::addLayerData : Unknown layer type!77

    Would be cool if it would once again work with OpenSim, loved it back then!


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