SVN snapshot 1533

 The burst of activity should ease somewhat as the code reaches a more mature level so Valkyrie moves to a much more presentable prospect. Display names work and feed and browser based elements including maturity checks now work properly again.

This is partly due to the viewers code shifting after many years to the newer standards for client identification, so as I zero in on the final finishing touches expect more UI alterations and the focus switching back to features again. One aspect of this bout of activity is the dropping of all Linux /Solaris/ and OSX based code.

Why would I do such a thing? Its simply the realisation that keeping this thing maintained takes time, which is a rare commodity and focusing on a pure windows based solution without sifting through endless defines and endif's not to mention the triple whammy cmake files or anything else for that matter makes life a heck of a lot simpler besides I do actually remember when the source came as a visual studio 2003 solution.

It does in some ways free up some possible alternate ways to build including dropping the need for some third party support libraries which can more simply be added to and integrated into the VS environment, this could possibly include python and cmake, culling thousands of lines with platform specific differences has been an interesting experiment.

To be sure the reverse holds true and I do ponder just how good a pure Nix based solution could be!

The other side effect of this is in simplification and distillation of the code more serious modifications become slightly less onerous such as render... lets just see where this goes :)




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