Build 1540 weekend beta test

 Hello Team Red :) Interesting test client as I eluded to in my last post there are some 'reasons' behind certain choices I have made. So 1540 is the first client to feature native windows SDK code.

Specifically to interrogate ATI/AMD cards and sort out vram. More so I have spent a good while actually looking at AMD GPU native driver calls and altered the client to make specific calls to ATI based hardware where applicable. This is based on research into the RX500 series and above.

And as a final hurrah for all users this client will access 8gb+ of system ram ( if applicable ) and will if given the legs in advanced graphics settings use a combined 2 gigs of texture ram a further 1 gig for bound textures and enhanced FBO code, resulting in about 2.7GB to 4GB of vram usage before discards or swaps.

Like all my tests this is to be taken with a HUGE pinch of care, as we are doing things that go on a BIG excursion from the norm. But this was never about being your everyday viewer, half the fun is pushing certain limits or altering things and see what sticks.

Anyway for the hardware prodders , test build is on the SVN as always ... CLEAR your local cache!

Much Love,



  1. Seems to be only partly working here. I have a Ryzen 5 2600X, 32 GB RAM, and an RX5700 XT. I can only push the texture memory to 1362 MB, on a graphics card with 8 GB of memory.

    1. Hi Shirley yes in the UI that is correct :) this is not the whole story, if you go into the develop menu and bring up the texture console, you can see the split the 1362 only accounts for part of the code, depending on shadows or other settings the vram is split between, texture ram , bound texture memory and frame buffer objects. The grand total of which will account for approximately 4GB :) , simpler still look in task manger and your GPU chart the total committed will be about what is stated.


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