S23 Viewer Spring Refresh

 Soo as your probably gathering I have been sort of MIA , well yes and no I tend to be really awful at blogging and keeping things up-to-date in social media circles. Not my strong point :)

I digress.... to business! Early snap of the next client iteration looking at about March time. As you can see the UI is sporting a blast from the past which is the Midnight UI from S21.

Fundamentally this release is all about housekeeping removing swathes of code relating to Solaris! And ancient functions for Altivec (PowerPC) yep its all in there! This has meant over the years the code has ballooned and for my own sanity and better readability this stuff is getting seriously culled.

Consequently this has also had a desirable upside in lots of backwater code gets visited with small improvements and alterations the hope is to release a very very solid, stable and from initial findings better performing beast. 

That's about where we are at, so stay safe be well and let you know when release time comes.

Toodles! KL


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