Coffee Break! Lets Have A Chat :)

Well here we are :) Another weekend of flurried activity!
The Client rolls up to build 1409 with a snapshot (DEEPCORE) based on 6.4.2 with features from yet to be released channels.
This is in essence what I historically do trawl the branches find something and try it out.
Sometimes this works other times it can be an unmitigated disaster!

So as promised a little technical info the build system is a Windows 10 machine with 32GB of ram and 6C/12T CPU.
The main build environment is a VS2013/17 setup using x64 native tools, here is where things can get a little exotic...
The more observant users will notice some rather unusual dll's in the install they all relate to the ICC compiler used in part to push support libraries to the limit.
Release builds can take up to 3 hours to produce, using link time code generation consumes huge amounts or ram.

If all goes well a shiny build comes out the other side! When it comes to incorporation of the code everything is merged by hand, line by line.
I can be very particular about this I find many small glitches that would normally fly under the radar with automated merge or patch tools.
I also prefer SVN for its linear style, it suits my method.

My main text editor is Scite which can check syntax of python code and indent properly ( a godsend ).
Winmerge for diff and merge, The Gimp for textures, and Sourcetree for crawling the branches :)

So that's how we roll! Have a lovely week, stay safe be well.

Much Love,



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