Build 1391 (codename Darkstar)

Hello There!
So as I did last weekend we have the latest snapshot build of the client.
A bonus 500 lindens to the first person who contacts me in world with the correct answer to the meaning of the code name :)
This build concentrates on more KV styled enhancements , so the DOF gets working code for aspect ratio, the viewer recording tools get exposed, changes to object highlighting.
Fixes to possible crash scenarios, and general enhancements to the UI, the avatar health menu gets enabled ( courtesy of FS ) with the avatar deformer option.
The AO window gets a tweak for size ( thank you Inara ). Generally this is the trajectory I feel is right to follow I like these gentle and progressive builds.
Next time lets talk about some technical aspects of building the client :)

For Now Enjoy, be well!

Much Love,


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