Build 1372 for the weekend :)

When in the TPV I mention the word hybrid it means exactly that. I have a singular obsession and that is to trawl for anything that A) improves performance and B) improves stability.
So build 1372 is released in the wild with a hybrid profile setup based in the majority from a LL project viewer with some nice to haves from other sources such as alchemy and firestorm.

This is a very incremental approach,the absolute best thing about producing a client is the freedom to choose, some things I like other bits not so much.

Anyway in the best tradition of Kirsten, I have packed the current snapshot for some playtime  over the forthcoming weekend, remember to clear caches and settings! see my YouTube video if your new to this! Also mentioned in the TPV listing is the requirement that a user has the knowledge of how this works :)

Anyway for virtual world aficionados feel free, hit the download button and please let me know if you like my approach (or not). I can not promise a response but occasionally impassioned requests such as 3D fall on a hard developers heart and things do happen :)

Much love and respect,



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