Coffee break :) time for a nice chat.

So if you follow the Sourceforge Page you will see a new build 1368 things are starting to really dial in. Perhaps I should explain a little about the viewer nuts and bolts.

I do not use the linden auto build system. I host all the build libraries because I occasionally work on those in concert with the viewer code. It allows for much finer control over the entire process. I have a tendency to do custom compilations with different tool-sets which is something an official client would never do, for reasons of the broadest compatibility with the consumer.

It is a choice that I only build for windows, the added time would be overwhelming, besides to be fair I would rather do one platform moderately well than dilute the results trying to juggle many.

I tend as a rule to keep any feature or alteration within the existing code base and not add extras which cannot be integrated into the standard source. I also use LL code style and naming conventions.

And most crucially all changes are based on a personal preference :) hence why its called Kirsten's viewer!

So that is a little about the viewer for those of you who are curious perhaps some factoids about me!

How and when did I join SL?

In 2003/4 was doing research for work on AI networks to control electrical power distribution systems in critical environments, came across an article about AI in a 3D simulation by a gent called Phillip Rosedale, paid the $9.95 stuck around :)

Why a female avatar?

Way back when the default AV was female, did not realize you could actually alter that default!
Spent cash making the best of it and looking tastefully designed. And stuck with it fun fact: my shape has not altered much since 2005!

Are you a Linden?

NO ! ( although I did apply for a QA position and have interviews back in the day )

Why are you doing the viewer again?

Its a matter of public record as to how development ended, a perfect storm of circumstances made continued work on it impossible. 
But as with all things time is a great healer. Besides after nearly 16 years of SL I find myself enjoying my in world life. And have the luxury of  a good work balance and a happy and healthy home.

So while the sun shines make hay :)

Anyway Stay Safe,

Much Love and Best Wishes,



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