Build 1300 Release.

                                                    Build 1300 - Digital Rage Sky :)

This release is technically an improved version of 1290, many thanks to Austin Tate for the generous review and heads up to a few issues. A crash if the 3D is enabled on logoff and some nasty render glitches caused by water reflections. Both happy to say are fixed.

As above you can see the custom skies added to windlight giving a Tron like feel to the grid :)

Also added some typical Kirsten features, improved mouse controls in move and view, quick access to anaglyph from graphics options, UI improvements with more alpha and sub-pixel highlights on some elements, along with a barrage of minor tweaks and some serious compiler optimizing to boot.

It has always been the case that this client was for personal use but shared with anyone who cares to download it, I hope you enjoy.

I wonder what will take my fancy next?

Much Love,


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