Build 1290 Release

            So after a few weeks of tinkering it gives me great pleasure to release build 1290!

For those of you with red/cyan glasses the above screenshot will make perfect sense :)
The code for this has been completely re-written the reason for this is simple, the effect is the system now renders at native frame rates! Previously each eye had to render the entire scene and required viewer display having duplicate coding resulting in quite a performance hit. The system is now integrated much more elegantly and some selected components only render on alternate frames.

Atmospheric shaders work in anaglyph ( sorry no deferred option.. yet)

Also in this build are the inclusion of custom cloud files to add some variation to windlight.
And the ability to vary hovertext distance and visibility in the client.

Of course the viewer has all the latest Linden Lab features and has code both from release and experimental branches folded into the mix.

As always the client should be treated as an eternal Beta so your mileage may vary :)

Anyway I hope you enjoy this release have fun and stay safe.

Lots of Love,



  1. Excellent - many thanks... blog post and some images of a quick test at

  2. is it possible that after anaglyph is toggled on and you stop and restart the viewer it does not enter SL? I tried 3 times and it would not enter SL world each time. I toggled 3D anaglyph off in preferences before logging in and that then worked. may be just me?

  3. One more as I test a bit more... Also, when the Graphics settings for water reflection are turned on for anything other than "Minimal" artifacts appear in a small rectangle on the lower left corner of the screen...

  4. Anny way to get Media playing on this viewer tried a bunch but it wont let me view lifestream from Twitch nor anny other media playing .Really a shame because graphics are awesome on this viewer and rendering is a lot easier on the puter then firestorm wich is pretty heavy on the loading graphs.


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