A lttile time on my hands

Well it may come as no surprise that we all have a little time on our hands...reasons :)

So taking this opportunity to do a little housekeeping. I admit I underestimated quite how much work was needed to take the V5 version of my client and bring it up-to the latest specs.

Anyway the plan is something like follows, I have made the conscious decision to keep the code 32bit. That way it will run on a wide variety of potatoes, besides I see no overarching technical reason to jump to 64bit. The viewer has had most of its major libraries upgraded and the code base has jumped to 6.3.9 with the inclusion of some experimental elements yet to appear on the grid.

How much I toy with this is unknown, I have a few thoughts on what to do which may include some serious UI overhaul, perhaps a texture decode overhaul, possibly some 3D or graphical stuff.
I must admit the thought of a conversion to vulkan intrigues me.

As is always the case the output of all of this should be considered alpha/beta at best, I freely admit that the insights found when trawling a 3 way merge of yet to be released code is amusing and very time consuming.

That's all for now stay frosty!



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