KV Spring Clean...

Merge you bastard!
Hello virtual peeps!

Just a quick hello, was dismayed at the amount of downloads from SF of a very broken/old S22 viewer not a good experience or reflection of SL if anyone attempted a login!
So decided to do some housekeeping... 3 weeks later, wikis , readme, code, libs etc etc

Anyway Sourceforge now hosts a working V5 LL based client ( windows only ).
Will continue to patch it up and add basics like 3D ( see screenie above ), as always mileage with this client may vary, do NOT expect support or requests.

Also note client files like the J2K dll are custom and built with multiprocessor systems exclusively using Intel native compilers!

Love Always,



  1. Renders well, decent frame-rates! I also tried the anaglyph (ALM disabled) option, but was wondering if it was possible to merge David Rowe's stereoscopic code for passive/active 3d displays from the CtrlAltStudio viewer? CtrlAltStudio is no longer being developed and suffers badly now with recent changes such as Bento.

    Another option might be to use the red and cyan views squeezed as the left and right frames of a half-SideBySide option so it's viewable on most 3DTVs or maybe even Google Cardboard!

  2. Okay...now it's time to upgrade it to 64bit...lol


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