How to stay cool in the jungle.

Night in Guild Wars 2 Heart of Thorns is a Dangerous time!
Nope this is not a review of the new expansion for Guild Wars 2 ( Will do that later ). This is more to do with graphically intense games and apps and a handy tip I find useful.
You like me probably have limited time and want to enjoy your games and apps to the fullest making the most of every precious second. The issue I find is heat, yep even Secondlife tests the old CPU and GPU occasionally.
Inevitably though you have to log off and shutdown the PC when sleep, shops , work beckons. This however leaves a tiny issue that really irks me, thermal shock on electronic components when you just turn it off I have water cooling which means the CPU will get quite warm when circulation ends on shutdown.
Also the GPU fan can take time to cool the graphics chips usually about 10 minutes.

Now the upshot is you close the game off 10 minutes early wait and wait then hit the shutdown button which sucks,wasting valuable game time but saving your expensive chips from heat damage. 

This brings me roundly to a simple and elegant solution, create a text file,save it and rename it COOL.BAT
( Which basically makes the file a command prompt batch file ).

Copy Paste the following:

@cd /
@echo #Shutdown Delay 10min script#
@shutdown /t 600 /s

And bingo! Now you can play till the bitter end and just execute this batch file you can go to work, or sleep and the PC will do a 10min delayed shutdown :) allowing the machine ample time to cool down without the need for you to hover over it waiting for the temps to drop.
It's basically an unattended script, if you change your mind within the 10mins you can open a command prompt and spam a quick shutdown /a which will abort the sequence.

I find it simple and handy hope it helps you lot too, happy gaming see you in the Jungle!

Mucho Love,


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