Today's distraction :)

    Cmdr Kayhel approaches home sweet home deep in imperial territory.

I do like early access and kickstarters and in the case of Elite Dangerous this has been of some success, I have been knocking around ever since closed Alpha and I have to admit it is shaping up ok.
Can't wait for planetary landings. If I sound cautious it's because from my standpoint its still not the complete Elite experience.

Euro Truck Simulator 2 was a Steam 'greenlight' and has proved to exceed all my expectations, I think I may have mentioned something about it way back. Space Engineers and Kerbal Space Program also leap out as high points.

However it's not all sweetness and light with early access and I have been burned several times, Planetary Annihilation promised so much and left me underwhelmed and 30 quid lighter. And I do feel a little concerned about Star Citizen.

Feel free to Post your personal recommends or even ones to avoid actually especially the ones to avoid!

Mucho Love,


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