Happy Tuesday! FYI

 YES YAY.. and why not, K currently works some rather odd shift patterns which kinda makes the concept of weekends redundant. So we do have the occasional mid-week weekend.
As usual rambling..OK to business.
Just because I do a little poking to the old viewer don't mean I am gonna want to be taking long showers with it
My reasons for doing so are entirely selfish and self motivated by the desire not to have a complete suckfest ™ of a Secondlife ™ .
To this end I will not be taking any advice, bug reports, suggestions or other nonsense, I will however be charitable enough to share my personal view on the world In the form of the corresponding binary and source on Sourceforge.
This is in essence the purest form of Kirsten she has very specific and sometime contradictory requirements in SL, she loves some things.. and bitterly hates other things, the viewer in a sense is  just a small part of her persona and that's how its going to stay :)

Take it or leave it she cares not

Happy Tuesday! Love KL.


  1. I'll be happy to take it and not complain. ツ

  2. I'm not complaining either. Thank you.

  3. Thank you ! Since the viewer 3 came out i wasnt able to see shadows anymore in sl with my Graphics Card: GeForce GTS 360M/PCIe/SSE2 . The driver always crashed in any new viewer after a few seconds. I was happy to read Kirstens S22-Build(15)is out and downloaded today and i didnt crashed :) Seems you are the only one to make a built what is working with that grafics card and shows me now shadows again and ultra settings :)

  4. just a small note dear the viewer has a small glitch everytime i try to save a phtoto to my harddrive to uplod it crashes me out other than that no complaints at all dear :)

  5. A pity you turned so bitter and hateful...
    You created a great viewer, you for sure have a lot to be proud about.
    But you can't make the world be your way, you are only hurting yourself.
    Wishing you harmony, peace and strength and thanks for your "selfish" work. ;)


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