Adventures in Opensim

A while back an old but fairly decent tower server was chucked in my general direction, several weeks and much e-baying later for bits, and software upgrades and voilĂ !
KL now has a presence in Opensim, actually OSGrid.

Technically this has only been possible recently due to the home Internet gradually getting more seriously hefty, with the advent of a FTTP connection, +100Mbps speeds and the lower costs of some gear meant more for server rooms that home use, its basically the perfect storm.

From a nerd perspective it was a decent learning experience , managed switches , configuring and updating via TFTP or Serial connection console work. Advanced network knowledge and Firewalls..
Static IP's , Security , Server Installation and configuration. SQL databases. And of course Opensim installing , configuring and finally we have my own little chunk of home brewed paradise :)

Your welcome to visit of course! OSgrid and look for Kirstensworld, hypergrid TP's should also be functional! (

Much Love, KL


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