K's Software pick of the week!

Once upon a time circa 2004 Secondlife music basically boiled down to either humming your own tune or huddling around a prim with 10 sec WAV files strung together.
Then parcel music came and BOOM the club industry exploded... the rest as they say is historical me ole chum.
For the uninitiated this allowed for Shoutcast streaming, achieved with various software solutions some free ( Winamp ) some not so free!! The upshot of this ramble is that serious DJing required serious moolah to achieve with any degree of success.

And this brings me roundly to K's Pick of the week \o/  MIXXX

This is proper DJ quality software with integrated Shoutcast/Icecast streaming!
In fact I personally have used several commercial products over the years and this fine example of opensourcery has just about every feature you could think of to stream a few tunes in SL :)

TTFN Much Love,



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