Tweaking 10

Ahh the never ending onslaught of progress...

And today we have windows 10 ( Latest Insider Build ) and my personal recommends for making life run smoothly.

1) Start Menu as much as an improvement it is, its still not to my tastes. For those that agree use either Classic Shell ( Free ) or my favored choice Start10 ( 5 Bucks ) I have it set in the windows 7 kinda mode with a modern twist.

2) Antivirus 360 essential ( Free ) They do a Total Security version but i find it too intrusive this uses the Avira and Bitdefender Options is fairly lightweight and works well in windows 10.

3) Browser Edge is erm.... Chrome is kinda odd in 10, Firefox meh. Opera omg. Try Maxthon!
right about now you probably think I have lost my rocker but do a little googling this Chinese offering has been around for years but most importantly it works ( At least its current iteration ) fantastically in win 10.

4) Misc Annoying watermarks use This and for removing shortcut arrows from the same site use This both items do exactly whats needed with minimal fuss.

Thats all I can think of at this time Build 10565 is not bad and the dust starts to settle on Threshold 2, as an extra note it also allows users to use existing windows 7 and 8 keys for activation which is VERY handy.
Anyhoo toodles,

Mucho Love KL.


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