Sunday, 2 June 2013

A Little Clarification

To re-iterate what was previously stated S19 is what I currently use to run Secondlife its a personal viewer I just happen to share it. To this end I am obliged to share the source code which I dutifully do and yes it includes large sections of code from henri, and code derived from emerald/pheonix, or dale glass,marine kelly,lord greggregg etc etc etc or even the lab.And shock horror ME TOO.
Each header or source code file contains the copyright as is.

Now here's the rub I can basically add , modify, subtract, merge , delete, re-enable or do whatever I please as long as those original code copyrights are intact.

This also means I can alter the UI remove Tabs or add tabs, change textures alter DOF, change shaders, add 3D,alter default behaviors, remove post processing or add it, mess about with cmake, alter anything I please as long as it does not break the LL TOS.

And here is the best bit of all, I can do this without consultation or committee meetings or anyones approval, this also works both ways people can take whatever they please and alter change or otherwise faf about with whatever they please and they often do.

The fact remains that as long as I share a binary I am obliged to also share the corresponding source which I do, If this is not to your liking, sorry I don't run the viewer for anyone else except for my own selfish needs.

Warm Regards, KL

Just to add a pretty image or two a few examples of what I mean.