Sunday, 18 March 2012

Revisiting the Past

Was doing some overdue housekeeping on the main machine at home and nested deep in the second array I discovered the viewers back catalog at least a good portion of it dating back over 5 years.
So for the sheer sake of it I wanted to see what would occur if I logged in....

The image above is from a build of S17 dated March 2009 so its around 3 years in vintage , I expected a horrific mess, but apart from the obvious visual failings such as mesh and some alpha ordering issues the client actually ran remarkably well in point of fact it ran so well that it left me pondering many questions.

Primary among them was that although V2 and now V3 have brought many things to the table what have we actually gained? Fundamentally in 3 years the basic viewing experience has not altered a great deal at all.
Now if I compare the amount of code for current clients to the source code for this old client I would guess its probably twice the size and about 3 times more complex.

Less is more...

To be honest I'm probably as guilty as anyone of just bolting code on , the path of least resistance....

Oh to have the time to play and ponder :)

Now back to cleaning up the hard drives.. hello what's this? 'Kirstens S6'.... I wonder :D

Lots of Love,