I wonder what's over there?

I cannot help but find myself drawn in once more, you would think after nearly ten years of what sometimes seems like punishment you would throw in the towel.
But like I have stated in the past you catch a spark of what could be.. and once more you re-discover.
The shape or form of your time devoted to this most unusual habit is not yet set in stone, but you know you quite fancy the journey once again.

Much Love, KL ( See you in that place ).


  1. That was me...

  2. Reading that brought a smile to my face. :)

  3. Good to see Kirstens Viewer (and 3D) back :-)

    Here is an image of Gerry Anderson's Supercar as a rather detailed mesh in Kirstens Viewer in 3D - get out those red and cyan glasses...


    More at http://www.aiai.ed.ac.uk/~bat/GA/SC-MODEL/SL/3D/

  4. Beloved Kirsten ...is it true? Are you going to pick-up the TPV challenge again!

  5. A reminder... the 3D is set on in Preferences -> Grapghics -> Advanced -> Misc -> Toggle Anaglyph Render. I was not getting 3D effects with my NVidia GTX580 GPU until I recalled that to be able to use the 3D rendering with S21 I could not to set the graphics "Lighting and Shadows" on as I normally do on my setup. Setting this off made the 3D work fine.

  6. Thank you for the viewer update. *hugs KirstenLee* Its the best viewer for making pictures and videos. ... No, its the best SL viewer ever... Slim, fast and stable... Great work.
    Thank you very, very much. :)


  7. /me hugs you both.

    Hope to see you in-world soon!

    Inara P.
    (Couldn't use my Wordpress credentials :( )

  8. Welcome back. Can't wait to see what you do with this viewer!

  9. Welcome back and my best regards to you KL ;)

  10. So great to see Kirstens back :))

  11. Nevermind the viewer, good thing is you're happy enough to write, and Dawny is feeling better I hope. That would be the best news of all.


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