Thursday, 16 May 2013

What dreams may come!

That will do nicely :)
S19 @ 500K mem = HAPPY!

So I guess the most pertinent question is why? It is probably the most pointless one to answer also.

But lets just take a wild stab at it!
I need to be in SL occasionally so I need a viewer ( Duh), V2 is dead sorry S22 it was fun, V3 is well lets just say it's not my cup of tea. I could just download someone else's viewer but thats not what I want.
I LIKE S19 it was and still is quick, its code in comparison to newer clients is simpler it has much more modest hardware demands I can merge from many sources more rapidly etc etc etc..
It ticks all my boxes, on a more personal note it's NOT limited to SecondLife.

That is important to me, so it may have bugs , it may not compile on macs very well... sorry

But if I wish to drift around SL or jump into Opensim I can.. anyway hope that kinda answers some of my motivations, and why I share the corresponding installer.

Huge love n respect,


Wednesday, 1 May 2013

Ok this is really!

Not everyones cup of tea, but if your like me and love anything 'simulation' then this is worth a mention.
Kinda stumbled upon this gem while trawling through the Steam green-light section it's called Euro Truck Simulator 2..... I know catchy title.
Now driving trucks may seem kind of odd as a game but this is mega fun and seriously addictive.
And like most things its the little touches that make the simulation really click.
The Internet radio streaming into the game is a stroke of pure genius , great rendering with superb lighting , and simple but inspired AI from other motorists. You will find yourself swearing at the Car that undertakes you on the autobahn and nearly causes a major pile-up.

Add this to your collection now you won't be disappointed.

Mucho Hugs KL.