Thursday, 16 May 2013

What dreams may come!

That will do nicely :)
S19 @ 500K mem = HAPPY!

So I guess the most pertinent question is why? It is probably the most pointless one to answer also.

But lets just take a wild stab at it!
I need to be in SL occasionally so I need a viewer ( Duh), V2 is dead sorry S22 it was fun, V3 is well lets just say it's not my cup of tea. I could just download someone else's viewer but thats not what I want.
I LIKE S19 it was and still is quick, its code in comparison to newer clients is simpler it has much more modest hardware demands I can merge from many sources more rapidly etc etc etc..
It ticks all my boxes, on a more personal note it's NOT limited to SecondLife.

That is important to me, so it may have bugs , it may not compile on macs very well... sorry

But if I wish to drift around SL or jump into Opensim I can.. anyway hope that kinda answers some of my motivations, and why I share the corresponding installer.

Huge love n respect,



  1. where can i find that instaler Kirsten

  2. Hi Kirsten,

    Can you advise why the 405 and 407 viewers are getting flagged as having the Adware/Win32.StartPage / Riskware.Win32.Downware.bqnhkd trojans?

    I installed the 405 on my Win7Pro rig and couldn't find any trace of the trojan. My case notes are snipped below.

    Kind regards,



    I uploaded copies of both 405 and 407 to VirusTotal. Here are the analysis pages.



    Both files gets two hits. I visited the sites of the vendors who reported the hits, but only AhnLab-V3 gives detailed analysis of the threat, see


    The following is Registry keys that Win-Adware/StartPage.126464 creates.


    A Browser Helper Object (BHO) is a feature that helps to extend and control the Windows Explorer and Internet Explorer (IE). Spyware or adware installed as a BHO is a DLL executed by the Windows Explorer or IE. So it is hidden from the Windows Task Manager. It is automatically executed by Windows Explorer whenever Windows starts.
    Spyware and adware maliciously employ BHO to change the IE home page, show pop-up advertisements, monitor the address bar, and redirect the browser to an unwanted address.

    You can remove a BHO manually by following the steps below:
    Control Panel -> Internet Options -> Advanced -> Uncheck "Enable third party browser extensions"
    Terminate the IE and remove .dll file of BHO.

    ※ If the BHO is loaded with the Windows Explorer, start the system in Safe mode and remove the BHO.

    TRIAGE: I scanned my registry and found none of the keys listed present. Also did a deep search for the *.dll files and again, did not find them present. I've also done a complete system scan of my system using Microsoft Security Essentials. No issues found.

    CONCLUSION: Some virus scanners give false positives on Second Life viewers and their cousins. I'm not sure why this viewer is getting flagged as having this trojan, but I installed the program and once installed, I can find no trace of this malware.

    1. long story short, I use 'Tarma Installer' from an aussie firm and that has had a spate of false positives. Spybot Search and destroy have removed it from the database, and the software has been checked countless times and is 100% clean .
      The reasons I use this installer is its cheap with great compression and offers me alot of features that NSIS cannot. Downside is sometimes it gets erroneously as bad stuff , hey ho :/

  3. Kirstenlee,
    i am so happy to see this viewer again. As soon as i heard it was available I ran to download.
    there are a couple things i have gotten used to in newer versions that wanted to put out there maybe you might consider for updates down the road.
    1 - a visible home button.
    2 the favorites bar for landmarks that I use all the time.

    oh and a quick question - is there anyway to make the IM's and local chat not take up so much room on my screen?

    Thanks again for returning.


  4. Kirsten is there a place where i can download the s19 one i cannot find it it seem that it would be the perfect one for me if in fact it will render me right lol....maybe the s19 will work on my computer