Monday, 9 January 2012

New Year - what to do...

Now my viewer creation days are well behind me I have been taking a little time to do some other stuff.
Firstly entering the I don't give a shit mode.... ( which has been huge fun ).

I still visit SL if and when I get a few spare moments and of course use a client of my own creation.

 The best thing about it is not having to fuss about anyone except me... which is kinda liberating after 4 or 5 years of enjoyable but stressful public coding.
And besides a local SVN is a joy to behold when it comes to updates/commits.
Enough of that crap.. now perhaps your wondering with me of things to do when you grow tired of SL on occasion but still need that fix of internets..

First lets have a bit of 'Forsaken World' from PWE.

 The Euro Nyos Pvp server is FULL of dramas, with lots of Guild smack talk, and some hilarious world chat, voice options are a little limited ( raidcall ) however despite it having a fantasy MMO (  free-play  ) style the  in-world  goings-on are uncannily reminiscent of SL with much entertainment to be had on a rainy  Sunday afternoon. Did I mention boobs jiggle..

If that don't take your fancy and you perhaps want something a little more pleasing to the eye and ear then Lord of the Rings online ... bloody HUGE download but just mooching about that elf place rivendale or something is well worth the download, and you still get the occasional  Brazilian  dwarf asking you for sexytimes! Profit!!

Anyway excuse the random ramblings, and Happy New Year!

Love KL


  1. Quoting:

    "and you still get the occasional Brazilian dwarf asking you for sexytimes! Profit!!"

    That was so hilarious LOL. If you like MMORPG you can try Lineage II wich is now free with his latest expansion. Kinda old game, but have really good quests. And in this year I have been told that Aion must turn in free to since really few people plays it. I played Aion before in a private server. Really nice game. Not the best, but really good. The quests are funny and have a strong PVP.

    Happy new year for you too ;)

  2. Ahh Forsaken! .. not played since the mad rush to 80 began =)

    Actually My character was in KoS_ ... named Nelaome (Priest) Was there around the time we won the Guild Base. Might reinstall and see how its going, the Priest was lvl 60 I think.

    -NeatTrick Nixdorf

  3. i got a lvl 50 hunter on LOTRO dwarrowdelf server

  4. You went to the wrong server KL lol

    Join Eyrda, then again every server has drama its extremely annoying..I just turned lvl 80 I can quit the game now LOL but pvp brings me back bc its fun otherwise.